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Full Length Soft EVA

EVA Soft Full Orthotic Rear View EVA Soft Full Orthotic Front View EVA Soft Full Orthotic Angle View EVA Soft Full Orthotic Bottom View

Price: $44.95

FULL LENGTH SOFT EVA ORTHOTIC  fits the unique contours of your feet for maximum comfort while standing, walking or running.

Features & Benefits of Full Length Soft EVA Orthotic:

1. Antibacterial top fabric maintains a healthy foot environment.

2. Metatarsal & heel pads provide unparalleled shock absorption and comfort.

3. Very soft EVA conforms to the shape of your feet, providing support and alignment personalized for your unique feet.

4.  Deep, supportive heel cup cradles your heel and provides walking stability.

5.  Soft arch support lifts your arch for proper foot position and comfort

Size Conversion Table


XS 4 – 5.5 5 – 6.5
S 6 – 7.5 7 – 8.5
M 8 – 9.5 9 – 10.5
L 10 -11.5 11 – 12.5
XL 12 – 13.5

Other important information about Full Length Soft EVA Orthotic:

1. Material: Polyester, soft EVA foam.

2. Not recommended for those with diabetes.

3. Hand wash, air dry.