orthotic support for athletes


The term orthotic refers to a splint that is place in your shoe to correct biomechanical deformities. These devices can range from felt pads to custom-made shoe-inserts. The purpose of an orthotic is to correct an abnormal walking or running pattern. Orthotics allows people to stand, walk, and run more efficiently, and comfortably.

Orthotics can vary widely in price and quality. A custom made orthotic can cost upwards of $600. When you decide that an orthotic is a treatment option you would like to try it is important to know the basics. Our Orthotics fall into three categories – Rigid, Semi-Rigid and Soft ( described below). If this is your first time using an orthotic you’ll probably want to start with a soft orthotic and move up to a more rigid type if you find you need more support. There is virtually no difference between our full length and 3/4 length orthotic other than the 3/4 will be able to fit into more shoe types.

Our Materials

EVA- Stands for Ethylene Vinyl Acete. This material is flexible, great for shock absorption, washable, moisture-proof, antibacterial, and can stand up to extreme uses.  This material is used in our semi-rigid, and soft orthotics.

PE – Stands for Polyethylene Extremely. PE has a low coefficient of friction, which will help with preventing blisters. The PE orthotics are the most rigid and will provide the most structured arch support. These orthotics are for those who have tried softer orthotics and want to get more support.


PE Frame - Full Orthotic1. Rigid orthotics

These are composed of a firm plastic type material . They are made to control motion in the 2 major foot joints that lie directly below the ankle. This type of orthotic may improve or eliminate strains, aches, and pains in the legs, thighs, and lower back.

Colorful EVA - Full Orthotic2. Semi-Rigid Orthotics

These provide foot balance for walking or participating in sports. This orthotic is made up of layers of soft materials reinforced with more rigid materials.

Soft Full Orthotic3. Soft Orthotics

This orthotic is designed to absorb shock, increase balance, and take pressure off of uncomfortable sore spots. They are made of soft cushioned materials.


If you have any questions about our orthotics, or need help figuring out which orthotic is right for you please don’t hesitate contacting us.