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About Dubides Sports Orthotics

Are You...
• Unhappy with your athletic performance?
• Finding yourself hesitating because you are afraid of pain or injury?
• Losing confidence in your ability to play your best due to pain?
• Feeling unmotivated or defeated by pain?

Don't let ankle, knee, hip, or back pain hold you back! No matter what your athletic ability, pain can diminish your mental and emotional approach to your sport. Dubides is committed to helping you turbo-charge your athletic performance and achieve success!

Dubides Sports Orthotics are not an insole! They were designed by a podiatrist to address the anatomy of the foot. They stem from a passion to bring affordable custom quality orthotics to any athlete who wants to leave pain behind them. The unique design and superior materials in this orthotic make it able to handle the abuse of any athlete.